Our mission

Every year global temperatures are increasing, sea levels are rising, and plants and animals can’t keep up. At Flourish, we aim to help fight climate change and increase biodiversity through planting trees around the world, protecting and restoring forests, and reintroducing wildlife

We’ve inherited a world that’s wounded. Our lifestyles and the distance we’ve created between ourselves and the environment around us have meant that as our worlds grew wider, we’ve cut deeper. Now some of the damage we’ve caused is irreversible.

We can't fix all the problems created over the past 150 years. But there are still things that we can do. Individuals making changes to their lifestyles, living with more awareness of the impact they're having on the planet is a positive thing. But a global change is needed to stop the destruction of our world. Planting a single tree is one small step. Planting many trees and helping those already growing to flourish will help us to move forward into a better, greener future.

Evidence of climate change

From global temperature rise to glacial retreat and shrinking ice sheets, we're all having a major impact on the climate.

Global temperature rise

The planet's average surface temperature is rising. Since the late 19th century, global temperatures have been steadily increasing, a change primarily driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere.

Warming oceans

Ninety per cent of the heat trapped by greenhouse gases goes into the oceans. In 2019 the oceans were found to be the warmest they’d ever been since measurements began 60+ years ago.

Shrinking ice sheets

The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are shrinking. Data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment show Greenland lost an average of 286 billion tons of ice per year between 1993 and 2016.

Glacial retreat

High up in the mountains of Himalayas, the Andes, the Alps and the Rockies, we are losing ice every year. Glaciers, the colossal ice sheets which cover around 10% of the Earth’s surface, are melting.

Why we plant trees

Tree planting in appropriate and effective areas can dramatically improve animal welfare, local economies, communities and even the weather.

They absorb CO2

On average, one tree absorbs around 22kg of CO2 per year. If we consider that with the right conditions (including no one chopping them down), trees can live for hundreds of years -- that's a lot of carbon over their lifetime.

Some trees are super-absorbers

Some trees are also super-absorbers, like mangroves. Mangroves are shrubs or small trees which grow in coastal saline water in the tropics or subtropical areas. These can be up to 10 times more efficient at absorbing and storing carbon long term compared to other forests or woodlands.

They're a great stabiliser

Tree roots help to hold soil together, preventing erosion, and they act as a barrier to rain and wind, which protects the ground from being hammered by the elements. Now that our weather is growing more extreme with every season, we'll need their help more than ever.

They promote biodiversity

Trees provide homes to many creatures around the world, from birds to insects to monkeys and even fungi and bacteria. Not only that, but 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihoods. By planting trees, we're improving habitats and economies in places that need it the most.

Help us to do some good. Let's plant a forest of trees.

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Your questions answered

It's simple, 90% of our income goes towards our climate projects around the world. The remaining 10% is split between payment processing (2.5%) and infrastructure costs (7.5%). We take pride in being one of the few sustainability companies that can reach these figures.

Planting trees and helping tackle the climate crisis is our top priority. We publish our finances every month for total transparency.

Together, we have the opportunity to make an incredible impact with just a few £/$/€ a month. Make an account for free and see how you can contribute.

Everyone has a different carbon footprint. The size of your footprint depends on many factors including whether you recycle, use public transport, how frequently you fly and how efficiently your home heats itself (to name a few). Almost every action you take has an environmental impact and our service is here to help offset some of your day-to-day activities, but it's highly likely we won't cover all your actions.

We alone cannot stop climate change. Preventing catastrophic climate change is a global effort and there are billions of people worldwide that want to make a difference but don't know how to contribute. This is where Flourish (and similar services) can help. We provide a fun and engaging platform for you to be able to make a meaningful contribution.

Underpinning our efforts are our partners whose projects target parts of the world most in need of tree planting, stable water supply and economic support.

Our goal is to plant one billion trees by 2030. With your help, we can do it.

Our subscriptions are designed to accommodate people with different lifestyles and budgets, and they can be cancelled at any time.

Also, it is optional and you're welcome to create an account for free.

No, you can create an account for free and enjoy Flourish for free. At a later date, we may offer different ways for you to contribute and plant trees. But right now, you can create an account and spread the word!

Put simply, no. Which may seem odd given what we're trying to achieve. But, there are limitations to being a charity that don't fit with our goal. For example, we may apply for private funding to help us grow.

Aside from the above, we operate as a charity. We publish our finances, project data and other figures every month for total transparency. We have no plans for the company to change hands or change from its original intended purpose: planting trees and reducing your carbon footprint.

In future we may create and operate a charity alongside Flourish. We not only hope to plant trees to help combat climate change, we also want to provide places for people to enjoy the trees we've planted and the countryside we've helped preserve.