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How it works

Plant your own forest, watch it grow and know that your contributions are making a positive global impact.

Plant trees around the world

Subscribe to Flourish and you can plant at least 20 trees per month. You'll be creating employment and restoring forests and natural habitats of animals around the world.

Reduce your carbon footprint

You'll fund climate projects where they're needed the most, maximising your carbon offsets. Help build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Become carbon-positive

Plunge into a carbon-positive lifestyle. Flourish works alongside your other efforts, so if you're conscious about your envirnomental impact you can become a truly carbon-positive individual.

Simple pricing

Our pricing makes it easy to offset your carbon footprint. You can start or cancel a subscription at any time!


£4.00 / month

Perfect for individuals that often commute using public transport, fly infrequently and are already environmentally conscious

At least 20 trees planted every month
Minimum 5.3 metric tons of co2 every year*
One return flight per year


£8.00 / month

Designed around individuals that drive to work, fly more than once per year and/or want to do more to offset their carbon footprint

At least 40 trees planted every month
Minimum 10.6 metric tons of co2 every year*
2 to 3 return flights per year


£16.00 / month

Curated to work around travellers and frequent flyers, this package is designed for those that want/need to plant the most trees

At least 80 trees planted every month
Minimum 21.2 metric tons of co2 every year*
3+ return flights per year

*Based on an average of ~22KG absorbed per tree, per year and a continued subscription for 12 months.

Our partners

Our partners have been carefully chosen for their reputation, reporting and proactive approaches to tree planting, tree protection and providing resources and/or jobs to local communities.

Eden Reforestion Projects

Eden Reforestion Projects is a global non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of forest restoration.

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is a UK charity that plants trees, protects existing woodland and creates habitats for wildlife throughout the UK.

Your questions answered

It's simple, 90% of our income goes towards our climate projects around the world. The remaining 10% is split between payment processing (2.5%) and infrastructure costs (7.5%). We take pride in being one of the few sustainability companies that can reach these figures.

Planting trees and helping tackle the climate crisis is our top priority. We publish our finances every month for total transparency.

Together, we have the opportunity to make an incredible impact with just a few £/$/€ a month. Make an account for free and see how you can contribute.

Everyone has a different carbon footprint. The size of your footprint depends on many factors including whether you recycle, use public transport, how frequently you fly and how efficiently your home heats itself (to name a few). Almost every action you take has an environmental impact and our service is here to help offset some of your day-to-day activities, but it's highly likely we won't cover all your actions.

We alone cannot stop climate change. Preventing catastrophic climate change is a global effort and there are billions of people worldwide that want to make a difference but don't know how to contribute. This is where Flourish (and similar services) can help. We provide a fun and engaging platform for you to be able to make a meaningful contribution.

Underpinning our efforts are our partners whose projects target parts of the world most in need of tree planting, stable water supply and economic support.

Our goal is to plant one billion trees by 2030. With your help, we can do it.

Our subscriptions are designed to accommodate people with different lifestyles and budgets, and they can be cancelled at any time.

Also, it is optional and you're welcome to create an account for free.

No, you can create an account for free and enjoy Flourish for free. At a later date, we may offer different ways for you to contribute and plant trees. But right now, you can create an account and spread the word!

Put simply, no. Which may seem odd given what we're trying to achieve. But, there are limitations to being a charity that don't fit with our goal. For example, we may apply for private funding to help us grow.

Aside from the above, we operate as a charity. We publish our finances, project data and other figures every month for total transparency. We have no plans for the company to change hands or change from its original intended purpose: planting trees and reducing your carbon footprint.

In future we may create and operate a charity alongside Flourish. We not only hope to plant trees to help combat climate change, we also want to provide places for people to enjoy the trees we've planted and the countryside we've helped preserve.